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Playstation 3 Repairs

YLOD video repair ($70)

System turns off after turning on

  • Flat rate motherboard repair!
  • Parts included
  • Repair your system or use it as parts
  • We have very high success rate and a 3 month warranty
  • We have the experience and expertise to repair Playstation 3 motherboard at the component level. No need to replace motherboard, if it can not be repaired, you will be informed and clearly explained why, no charge for our diagnostics.

Laser replacement ($70-$80)

Bluray or DVD not reading, games/movies freezing
Common problem in today optical systems, heavy uses and dusty environment cause laser to wear out after 3 years of use, if you keep your system well it will last up to 5 or 7 years. We use original Sony Playstation3 LASER only, you are welcome to ask for your old laser back!

  • Flat rate! parts & labor
  • Brand new laser only
  • Lubrication & precision adjustments
  • In some cases a laser replacement is not necessary, you will be informed and you will only have to pay $60 for the repair

Drive repair ($60)

Unable to eject disc or insert disc
We are expert at drive repair, don't let anyone tell you to buy a whole new drive for much more $$.

  • We carry drive rails, motors, assembly, price include minor parts
  • If major parts needed, we have them instock, you will be informed before we proceed with the repair
  • Lubrication & precision adjustments

Powersupply replacement ($90)

System does not turn on at all, no LED

  • Bring your Playstation3 back to life!
  • Guaranteed diagnostic, if it doesn't work, you will not be charged.
  • Parts in stock and 24 - 48 hour turn around time. RUSH service available

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